The Outdoor Media Group: Our Story

Grant Bjorn has been the heart and soul of The Outdoor Media Group since its inception. Let's take a walk down memory lane as Grant tells us his story, and the story of The Outdoor Media Group, in his own words.


As a child, I had a creative steak, and through my gift of gab, was developing my customer service skills. Here I am pictured with my sisters, showing off my new bicycle, which I called "Mike The Bike."


I started painting signs while I was attending Corona Del Mar High School in Southern California. I was painting banners for football games, posters for the Drama Department and even painting my friends cars with dolphin and surfing themes.



After graduating from High School, I began my sign career working for Richard Gunst Graphics. It was a small company, and I was paid by the job - with no benefits or insurance. There were no computers, vinyl plotters or CAD CAM Routers in those days. Richard would sell the job and we would start working right away. Richard would layout the sign with a a pencil and I would do what was called "Fill In." Using a paint roller I would follow his design. Richard was a friendly guy who encouraged me to be very creative, develop my painting skills, and learn from mistakes. He showed me the importance of good sign design, which is one element often missing in today's franchise-type sign companies. We also shared a love of surfing, and where we painted signs along the coast from San Diego to Santa Barbara, it really worked out well.



My son Michael was born in 1980, and I realized it was time to move up into a real sign painting job which offered insurance and benefits. I went to work for Orange Coast Signs, which at the time was one of the largest sign companies in Orange County. It was a structured company, with multiple people working in many departments. I was assigned to the Billboard Painting Department. I was amazed at how fast many of the sign painters were. They often joked about how slow I was. But my slowness paid off when they trusted me with a new invention - the Gerber Computer Sign Making System.



Learning the new system was challenging, especially when the opinion was that it couldn't compete with the old sign-painting methods. But time marched forward and we stuck with the system, and it caught up to the old hand-painted sign applications and the investment paid off. Digital printing still had not come into being, so the need for sign painters was still existent. The sign painters still painted the pictorials and graphic landscapes.



Computer-aided signs were still a new technology, and many shops still had not made the investment feeling it was a risky business. But the person who trained me on the Gerber system knew of a new company that was going to be opening that would be a computer-only sign shop. I interviewed with Apple Signs and Graphics, and got the job! I was in heaven - I knew the system inside and out, and was well compensated for my knowledge. I stayed with Apple Signs for a few years, and went through a period working for other computer-based sign companies. But I had the itch that I could take this information and go one step further. And thus The Outdoor Media Group was shaping up to become a reality.



On May 20, 2000 I started "Installation Services." I worked out of my garage with one pick-up truck selling my services to other sign companies installing signs across Orange County. My wife handled the bookkeeping. Business was great, and it was a nice change taking on all the responsibilities myself instead of being an employee.



We quickly outgrew the garage and had the opportunity to share the back half of a shop with a printer. We jumped at the opportunity. 2004 saw the birth of my daughter Danica, and also saw the new addition of our first boom truck.


2007 was a busy year. My second daughter Geneva was born in 2007, and business continued to grow and change. We decided to buy our first complete sign shop, South Coast Signs in San Clemente. We then had the opportunity to buy two additional sign companies. It was time to merge all the different aspects of the business into one company. We changed our name and The Outdoor Media Group was born.



By 2010, we had moved all the locations into one large shop in Costa Mesa. Business continued to grow and change along with the industry. We added new equipment and expanded our offerings, such as permit procurement. We even had the opportunity to take part in a little fun along the way, such as winning the 1st Place Trophy at the Tecate 250 Long Beach Grand Prix in the Senior (Super Modified) Division.



The Outdoor Media Group continues to expand our sign services and evolve as industry technology advances. In 2012 we are planning to move into a larger location in Costa Mesa. Our years of experience in the industry gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with a combination of the best materials, state of the art equipment and a well qualified staff to produce artfully crafted, high quality custom signs and banners.


2000 Placentia Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Phone: 949.631.2499


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